I am Spooky and this is my page. Yes, I am a cat, but do not let that fool you. I am fully capable of taking over the world, as I intend to, one food bowl at a time. If you have stumbled across this page then I will enlist you to be one of my faithful human minions. After I have ensnared you I will explain my brilliant plan, but first a little about who I am.

This is me. I am a superb specimen of the utmost breeding. My intelligent is far beyond any other feline where as my will power and physical strength is astounding. I reside in a home of five, five humans who feed me and deny me my right as a cat to be inside the sacred house. They think that I am a pain and thus daily throw me out on to the porch, against all brave attempts to evade them.  Lurking with in the depths of the house is my sworn enemy and my arch nemesis. I try to fight them on a regular basie so to keep my skills sharp and to wear them down. As soon as I am strong enough and my army is ready I will push them aside like jelly on toast. 

My Sworn Enemy 

The Dog 

My Arch Nemesis.

Here I will discuss my plans for world Domination. and keep a detailed and updated list of everything I need. 


My human family consists of the following, I have not been able to obtain a picture for reference. They are strictly classified. There is a man and a woman, both of whom seem to only mildly tolerate me. It is a daily guessing game as to whether or not they will continue to allow me to live with in 100 miles of them. If i were them I would not be so lenient with a threat such as myself. I would have disposed of it ages ago.

There are two girls, one who seems to be on the side of my enemies and the other is closer to my alliance. My persuasive powers have won her over after all the long years. She was the first, and very vital, minion.

The boy I am sure was placed as a defense against me. He is constantly attacking me and holding me. I fear that he means to kill me. But I will not go with out a fight.

And last it the dopey dog. Not much more needs to be touch on the topic.

 The List




If you want to join my team, leave a commemt below.  

Not Acquired


Ray Gun





Idol of Power

Mole People

Government Funding

Faithful Minion Land Gift  List

I am offering land in the US and Canada to faithful followers. If interested leave a post, here or on my Facebook page.. Below are the already taken places.

I will give you get a random number until you give me your minion name

Natalie  (7)


Margi (5)

Nova Scotia.

Reece (15)

Martin (26)

Could I have British Columbia?

Julie (70)

I want Ontario. Does that include the hockey teams?

Jane  ( 30)

assistant in Nova Scotia?

Magghie (19)


Adam Kayce (3)

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